2 thoughts on “love you….

  1. Sheila, I LOVE your blog and I was finally able to catch up on reading each one of them . . . and… Oh how you bless my heart with your beautiful words.

    I planned to leave comments and will . . . but don’t you just love what the first comment you received from some woman who just ‘happened’ on your blog and who said you will become a well-known (or maybe she said a famous?) blogger. I know that’s not your intent, but from one writer to another, when someone says they love our words, that what we’ve written touches their heart or they simply give us compliments (for lack of a better word) we can say all we want about “it’s for God’s glory” (because it is and God knows that!) but it feels so good. We do need to encourage one another and part of that is the lifting one another up, confirming and validating our God-gifts. You truly are a beautiful, gifted writer and I’m so happy you’re blogging – telling others what your ’soul’ hears and sees. Love you!! Nancy



  2. Nancy, thank you. You are one of those “real” time-worn, rough-handled love-givers, and I cherish you dearly. Someone said you must have ability, affinity, and opportunity to pursue a calling. Well, I have been making stories out of words since I was six years old, so I think it is safe to say I am drawn to words. Blogging is an opportunity that anyone can begin. But, you dear Nancy, told me to do it and kept nudging me to those sacred letters that somehow express the recesses of our soulful thinking. You named me a writer. Naming helped me to be brave. Love you so much!


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