What Happens When the Author Disappears?

Pages rustle.  Turning.Pages.of.Medieval.Bible
The overhead fan blows the thin, opaque pages of the book causing them to flutter.  This book is like no other…for in it God speaks, revealing His story, every page whispering hope for the world.

 There is a remaining longing written in our hearts…our sorrows often refresh the deep ache…it reminds us of REAL LOVE and the pang of separation. In a way, it reminds us of the appeal of fairy-tales & fantasies which irk and annoy modern literary critics for as we well know people still flock to those kind of stories. once upon a timeYou know the stories…The Lord of the RingsThe Beauty & the BeastKing Arthur and His Knights of the Round TableSleeping Beauty…Pinocchio…they all stoke the flame kindled in our soul somewhere before the once upon a time.  The great stories didn’t really happen…BUT LOVE IS REAL and our hearts really do long for happy endings. But even though we know they really didn’t happen, there is an inescapable, emotional longing deep within us for the supernatural…
for true love that never fails and never, never ends…
a desire to triumph over evil, for good to always win…
for the possibility and wonder of never growing old.  The well-told stories laced with those essential ingredients enchant our hearts. Daughter’s eyes shine for their daddy’s open arms of embrace. We love heroes. The Lord of the Rings bristles with bravado. We weren’t meant to die, and Sleeping Beauty is freed from her eternal rest through the power of love sweetly posed as a kiss from a dashing prince. Beauty and the Beast causes our hearts to hope for a love strong enough to break the curse of our beastliness. And our hearts really wants the world to be free from its sadness. Our hearts never want to let go when the love reaches deep.
So, the beauty of Christmas reminds us again…of a Father who did let go…of the Father who sooooo loved that He gave His only Son…infinity to infant.

Yet, did you know? That in between the soft leather covers of your Bible, in between the Old Testament and the New, there is a large empty gap, a looming void in the historical record of God’s metanarrative. The main character is hidden.  Did they notice God’s leaving?  For 800 years, there had been no miraculous interventions of God in the story.    What happened?  For 500 years, angels sent by God had not showed themselves to men.  Worst of all, did the people hear God’s hush?   God went darkYou see, for 400 years, God kept deafeningly silent.  No spoken Word…no prophet to bring the Word to the people for so many, many years.  Did God change?  Did He give up on His people?  Did the Author of Life quit writing the story?  Would God really remember His promises to do only good? Shriveling to a shadow of what used to be, Israel remained with only two tribes and without any status; and men and women’s hearts were very cold and faithless.  They had no king, and their hopes were bitter now.  But what about the beloved King David, whose throne was promised by God to be established forever? Alas, your royal son reigning now seems inconceivable, even impossible. There was only thunderous, ear-splitting silence.

An old promise, a worn-out hope to some, would not be forgotten; God would finish His story, and nothing would ever be the same

The night is silent again.  Now all is calm.grotto nativity 2015
God comes.
Infinity to infant.
God comes quiet.
A kingly birth hails from a defeated throne.  The Branch of David, the rightful heir to the throne, is a banner of salvation to all of the world.  The babe is Lord at His birth.  Emmanuel.  God is here with us.

So, what is this story of Christmas? 
Is it nothing more than a made up fairy-tale?
This story is true for it is written by God Himself.  It isn’t “once upon a time”; for this story never ends which is why eternity is written on our hearts.  
Jesus is the promised Deliverer sent to set us free from all of the sadness, darkness, and separation.  He breaks the chains of our beastliness and reconciles us to the open arms of the Father.  The king reigns over the grave’s steely grasp and death’s venomous sting.  He has come.god-was-made-man-1024x576  The story didn’t end.
We wait knowing that God truly did intend for our good and that the King will return.  During God’s hush, Hope was born, & nothing would ever be the same.

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